Top ten reasons why people leave the Roman Catholic Church





10. They strongly disagree with the parish pastor and/or the bishop, not the people, having control of parish-level decisions, especially financial decisions

9. They don’t feel welcomed (e.g., because they are divorced or gay)

8. They are scandalized at the way the pope and bishops treat victims/survivors of Catholic clergy sexual abuse

7. They know a large number of priests are gay, but the RCC is secretive about this and many other facts

6. They believe the Church wants to control each church member’s entire system of ethical beliefs and moral decision-making processes from womb to tomb, and they no longer accept this old way of thinking

5. They no longer believe one or more specific church teachings, doctrines, or practices (e.g., abortion, homosexuality, divorce, euthanasia, birth control, primacy of the ordained priesthood)

4. They are disgusted at the way the pope and bishops treat women

3. They are convinced that the Roman Catholic Church’s policy of keeping known and credibly accused child sex offenders employed by the church is a major public safety risk

2. They can’t stand the hypocrisy of the hierarchy, especially about sexual issues

1. They feel the Roman Catholic Church no longer teaches the values found in the gospels


Frank Douglas  |  Tucson, AZ  | May  28, 2011



  1. ERW Says:

    Number 10 for me is rooted in all the other nine. They (high and mighty) do not want to give any leverage whatsoever to the faithful. As long as they hold on they will be able to crack the whip in a sadistic manner over the rest of us. It is simply insulting to have all those lay board and councils since Vatican 2 as a false front. Those lay councils have no decision making power, none, zero. They pretend to give the faithful a sit at the table, when they don’t. What is the matter with these people accept positions of this sort, and collaborate in this deceit?? Are they equally guilty of this big fat lie???

  2. Thomas Says:

    I agree with all of them! They simply are not doing their jobs as leaders of a human body that should advance towards God instead of being distanced by tradition, dogmas, a continuation of made up laws…good enough for the people of God to follow but not leadership, abuse of power, sexism, and waste with misappropriation of funds. Is their such a thing as malpractice at the cleical level?

  3. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    somebody at the vatican needs a dill pickle…

  4. JeannieGuzman Says:

    I would like to add another: Many Catholics want an equivalent of a MacDonald’s Religion. Get in and out of the Church in under 45 minutes and try not to run over anyone on the parking lot, who is trying to get inside for the next Mass. Do your Sunday obligation, and be assured (by the Church) that if you do so, 52 weeks a year and on Holy Days of Obligation, you will be SAVED! Why, that’s less than 2500 minutes a year, and your SALVATION is Guaranteed! Such a deal!

  5. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    now Jeannie…try to be nice person!

  6. JeannieGuzman Says:

    Frank: I almost responded to your 1st comment, but because I’m a “nice person,” when I am very, very tired to the brink of exhaustion, I didn’t. Well, after getting off of my 36 hour job as an Elder Care-giver this morning, I had a nap and I’m tired of being “nice.” In response to your comment I just can’t help myself for saying this, but I think that the entire Hierarchy of High-hatted Clerics in the Curia probably sucks on dill pickles, daily! Have you ever seen one smile (question mark broken). Now, believe it or not, the above comment is one of my “nice” ones. You probably don’t need to stretch your imagination very far to think of something else that I could say once I have totally awakened.

  7. Thomas Says:

    One only smiles if loaded up on sweet pickles…otherwise the only thing they suck down that is green in the circles of hierarchy are green backs! And if they keep it up I am going to do a very unChristian thing….I am going to hope that they choke. Remember it…911…it only takes 4-6 minutes!

  8. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    am i one of the few that truly understands what a pickle can do? http://www.fotosearch.com/photos-images/pickles_2.html

    pickles heal the soul…

  9. Clemenr Says:

    The “ROMAN’ CATHOLIC CHURCH is day dreaming that it is the only custodian of the Christian Faith. The Holy Bible is Distorted to suit the vested interests of the Clergy. Calling a Priest ‘FATHER” IS UNBIBLICAL AS IN MATTHEW 23:9 IT IS WRITTEN, “And you must not call anyone here on earth ‘FATHER’, because you have only the One Father in Heaven”. Nunhood and Priesthood is nowhere in the Bible. MALE DOMINANCE in the ‘CORPORATE’ Church is continuing unabated. ORDINATION OF WOMEN IS IN VOGUE IN NON-CATHOLIC churches , but GENDER BIAS rules the roost as ‘Sexual immorality” dominates Religious Corridors. ‘Amen-The Aucobiography of a Nun” by Dr. Sr, JESME is the BIBLE of THE NAKED TRUTHS OF RELIGIOUS HYPOCRISY OF THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. THE SACRAMENT OF ‘CONFESSION’ IS ANOTHER WEAK NERVE OF THE LAITY WHICH IS RUTHLESSLY EXPLOITED BY THE ‘FATHERS’, ‘BISHOPS, ‘CLERGY’ TO KNOW THE WEAKNESS OF ESPECIALLY GIRLS, WIDOWS, ORPHANS, NOVICES, NUNS AND CORRUPT WOMEN. THE FATHERS THEMSELVES ARE WICKED DONS, THOUGH THERE ARE A HANDFUL OF DEVOTED PRIESTS ON WHOSE SHOULDERS THE DIOCESES, PARISHES STAND. CONSECRATED VOWS OF THE RELIGIOUS ARE A MOCKERY OF FAITH TO EXPLOIT THE WEAK, POOR AND VULNERABLE INNOCENTS. ONLY ON SUNDAYS, AND FEAST DAYS THE NEARNESS IS WITNESSED , OTHER DAYS CLERGY ARE LIKE ‘ALIENS’ TO THE LAITY. MONEY LAUNDERING IS VERY COMMON, THE PERVERT MALES AND FEMALES OF RELIGIOUS LIFE TAKE THEIR PASTORAL LIFE AS PROFESSIONALS OF A CORPORATE HOUSE WITH UNLIMITED FACILITIES AND FUNFILLED JOYS WITHOUT ANY RESPON SIBILITY. TAKE OUT MOTHER MARY, THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH WILL CRUMBLE TO DUST. IT MUST. IT IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR TO ORDAIN WOMEN AS PRIESTESSES, CLOSE NUNNERIES, AND THE NUNS MUST RETURN TO THEIR HOMES TO DO THE MENIALS, RATHER THAN ‘ROT’ AS SEXUAL SLAVES HEAVILY GUARDED BY THE ROGUE VOW OF ‘OBEDIENCE’ WHICH SHUTS THEIR MOUTH. THE WORLD MUST KNOW THE INNER TRUTHS AND A REVOLUTION MUST BE HEADED TO SEE MORAL CLEANSING OF CHRISTIAN FAITH. I’ve met the Author of “Amen”..Dr.Sr.Jesme, who vehemently requests the Pope to Have the 3rd Vaticqal Council and allow Fathers and Nuns to marry. BIBLE STUDY which is the strength of Non-Catholic Churches, is never given any credence in the Roman Catholic Church, and the Religious cash on on this weakness of the Laity. over all the Roman Catholic Church is the ‘most corrupt’Church in the World. Why should the Pope and Cardinals be guarded and travel with ‘selected Nuns’ ? It he is assassinated so whct ? Another Cardinal will get elected. St. STEPHEN , the first martyr, the Apostles and elders never had security cover, but the goondas of the Catholic Church are heavily guarded and ‘money strength’ can save them from being booked for heinous crimes which continue even now. Non Catholic Churches attend not only to the Spiritual needs of their church members, they also help in social issues. Land belonging to the Church are alloted to Parishioners. This is not seen in Catholic Church Domain. The orthodoxy of the church is ‘BIBLICAL’ and all Christians have equal rights in every matter of practice of Faith. Humility like the Man who rode on the Donkey , washed the feet of His Disciples is not seen anywhere in the Roman Catholic Church. The process of Sainthood is sheer nonsense. Mother Teresa is already known as the ‘Walking Saint’ worldwide. Billy Graham, Martin Luther and all who work for Christ and Christianity are Saints to me. The Roman Catholic church is not as the Bible wants its followers to live. In Colossians 3: 11 Saint Paul says , “Christ is all and in all”.This includes every human being who has lived, are living and will live as the World survives. Clement, Jesus ‘ Donkey.

  10. Clemenr Says:


  11. Clement Says:

    Dr. K.C. Gaikwad is a Indian Catholic Church but regret being one. Only for the sake of Mother Mary i’m holding on to the RC Church as no other Church gives due recognition to Mother Mary, the Rosary & the Scapular……….

  12. KYCatholic Says:

    I became Catholic about 12 years ago, and after being in the Church for roughly seven to eight years, I once again began to see why I didn’t join way back in 1979. After reading Garry Will’s “Papal Sin” (Wills himself is Catholic), I began to see the immense intellectual dishonesty that Catholicism is so guilty of. Vatican II opened up a can of worms, that once opened, wasn’t so easy to close back up again. Pope John Paul II may have particiaped in this Council, as Archbishop of Kracow back in the 60s, but it was clear not too many years into his papacy that he wanted to roll back Vatican II. The disgruntled Catholics who are eagerly awaiting the day when the Church will become more lax are fooling themselves. Catholicism may be the most “complete” church in all Christendom, but I’m seriously thinking of rehabitating my Lutheran-Episcopal haunts once again.

  13. Thomas Says:

    Go for it—-Christian is Christian… maybe leadership there is more trustworthy. The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t exist—it is merely an imitation of what it ought to be…as such—so incomplete!

  14. P.McCoy Says:

    I have openly supported abortion and.contraception rights as well as LGBT rights. I support women ecclesial clergy. I believe that consuming unleavened bread as Holy Communion comes from aping those Armenian monophysite heretics and is unbiblical. Every thing about Catholicism as it presents is problematic and in the main loathsome. The worst is that knowing that by.wishing to control what you think, see, say and do from forcing people to attending Mass, not eating meat, as well as controlling the heterosexual acts or sexuality in general rendering people unable to think for themselves is akin to mind controlling cults that have nothing to do with Christ. Catholics may profess to have a mafia-like control over one’s soul due they say, to being baptized into their religion, but I repudiate it at every opportunity possible and wish its pernicious influence over United States society would be sharply diminished as the United Kingdom was able to accomplish via its Penal Laws.

  15. Isaia E. Sunganimoyo Says:

    I am an Independent Catholic Disciple

    I left the Roman Catholic Church in 2012, after 28years. The reason why I left the Roman Catholic was because I was ignored and rejected by the Roman Catholic leadership of my Diocese and Parish. I was asking the Priests and the Archdiocese to allow or give a consent of preaching in the Outstation churches within the diocese. I felt blessed with a gift of preaching the Gospel from the age of 12.

    However, after tried for several time, the church ignored my proposals. Then I decided to accept God’s calling. In 2012 I left the Roman Catholic church and later in 2014 I founded small congregation called EVANGELICAL CATHOLIC MISSION CHURCH.

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