Reminder: Give only one penny to the Peter’s Pence collection June 25-26

The Peter’s Pence collection on June 25-26 provides Mass-going Roman Catholics an excellent opportunity to communicate to the pope what they think about his scandalous mismanagement and cover up of clergy sexual abuse of children and of vulnerable adults. Catholics can send a strong message of NO CONFIDENCE to Pope Benedict XVI using this annual papal collection.

And they can do for as little as one cent!


Send the Bishops a Message, an initiative of Desert Voices, Inc., an Arizona non-profit corporation, urges all U.S. Catholics to put just one penny in the Peter’s Pence collection plate June 25-26 as a witness to the pope, the world, and God that they are deeply distressed and disappointed in the way the pope, through his do-nothing policy of allowing known offending clergy to still minister to children, posing a high risk of further abuse. We recommend that the penny be placed in an envelope along with a brief note telling the pope why you are donating only one penny. The pope has brought shame on the Catholic Church, and on all Catholics, and placed countless children in harm’s way of dangerous clerical sexual predators.

Giving to the pope as usual communicates to him and his loyal bishops that the status quo is acceptable. If you don’t give anything, church officials can mistakenly say, “It’s the economy!” When you put a penny, or two, in the collection plate, there can be no doubt about your message.  A penny expresses your deep dissatisfaction with the pope’s scandalous handling of the global clergy abuse crisis. Send a message telling the pope to stop making a mockery of both Catholics and the church you were once proud to say you were a member of.

Every penny counts!

If you eat at a restaurant and the service is awful, you have three choices: 1) you can leave the usual tip—and the waiter has no incentive to change his/her service; 2) you can leave no tip which allows delusional thinking such as “They probably forgot;” or 3) you can leave a penny (or two) so that there can be no doubt in anybody’s mind about your dissatisfaction.

So give more than ever on Peter’s Pence Sunday. But please donate to organizations that protect kids, not one that endangers them.

If you won’t be at Mass on June 25-26, you still can send a strong message in the universal language of money. For 45 cents—a penny and a 44-cent stamp—your voice will be heard and your vote counted. We recommend you send a penny with a brief note to:
Peter’s Pence Collection
The Apostolic Nunciature, the Holy See
3339 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20008

For more information, send an email to Frank Douglas, national director of Send the Bishops a Message, at frankdouglas62@yahoo.com or call Frank at (520) 404-2489.



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