Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest


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My thanks to Joey Piscitelli for pointing me to this story.

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Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest

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By Peter Jamison Wednesday, Jan 11 2012

Illustration by Robert Hunt.

Courtesy Tyrone Cefalu

Mother Teresa with Father Donald McGuire, a convicted child molester who ministered to her nuns.

An unsigned letter that appears to have been written by Mother Teresa asks McGuire’s superiors to overlook an abuse allegation against the priest.


Click on the above image [go to link above to see this video. FJD] to download a PDF of the letters from John Hardon and the Missionaries of Charity.

The death of journalist and polemicist Christopher Hitchens last month gave those familiar with his work a chance to revisit one of his more controversial subjects: the Albanian nun Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu, better known to the world as Mother Teresa. In his 1997 book,The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice, Hitchens argued that the “Saint of Calcutta,” who founded and headed the international Missionaries of Charity order, enjoyed undeserved esteem.

Despite her humanitarian reputation and 1979Nobel Peace Prize, Mother Teresa had set up a worldwide system of “homes for the dying” that routinely failed to provide adequate care to patients, Hitchens argued — an appraisal shared by The Lancet, a respected medical journal. Mother Teresa also associated with, and took large sums of money from, disreputable figures such as American savings-and-loan swindlerCharles Keating and the dictatorial Duvalier family of Haiti.

Notwithstanding these black marks on an otherwise sterling reputation, Mother Teresa — who died in 1997 and is now on the fast track to a formal proclamation of sainthood by the Vatican— was never known to have been touched by the scandal that would rock the Roman Catholic Church in the decade after her death: the systematic protection of child-molesting priests by church officials.

Yet documents obtained by SF Weekly suggest that Mother Teresa knew one of her favorite priests was removed from ministry for sexually abusing a Bay Area boy in 1993, and that she nevertheless urged his bosses to return him to work as soon as possible. The priest resumed active ministry, as well as his predatory habits. Eight additional complaints were lodged against him in the coming years by various families, leading to his eventual arrest on sex-abuse charges in 2005.

The priest was Donald McGuire, a former Jesuit who has been convicted of molesting boys in federal and state courts and is serving a 25-year federal prison sentence. McGuire, now 81 years old, taught at the University of San Francisco in the late 1970s, and held frequent spiritual retreats for families in San Francisco and Walnut Creek throughout the 1980s and 1990s. He also ministered extensively to the Missionaries of Charity during that time.

In a 1994 letter to McGuire’s Jesuit superior in Chicago, it appears that Mother Teresa acknowledged she had learned of the “sad events which took [McGuire] from his priestly ministry these past seven months,” and that McGuire “admitted imprudence in his behavior,” but she wished to see him put back on the job. The letter was written after McGuire had been sent to a psychiatric hospital following an abuse complaint to the Jesuits by a family in Walnut Creek.

“I understand how grave is the scandal touching the priesthood in the U.S.A. and how careful we must be to guard the purity and reputation of that priesthood,” the letter states. “I must say, however, that I have confidence and trust in Fr. McGuire and wish to see his vital ministry resume as soon as possible.”

The one-page letter comes from thousands of pages of church records that have been shared with plaintiffs’ attorneys in ongoing litigation against the Jesuits involving McGuire. (The documents were also shared with prosecutors who worked on his criminal cases.) It is printed on Missionaries of Charity letterhead but is unsigned, and thus cannot be verified absolutely as having been written by Mother Teresa. Officials in the Missionaries of Charity and the Jesuits did not respond to requests for comment on its provenance.

Yet statements throughout the letter point to Mother Teresa as the author. The writer speaks of “my communities throughout the world” and refers by name to Mother Teresa’s four top deputies, calling them “my four assistants.” Rev. Joseph Fessio, a Jesuit and former University of San Francisco professor who knew Mother Teresa, said the reference to her assistants is an “authentic” aspect of the letter.

The letter could have an impact on the near-complete process of canonizing Mother Teresa. In 2003 she was beatified by Pope John Paul II, the penultimate step to full sainthood.

“What we see here is the same thing we see over and over in regard to the [priest pedophilia] scandal — the complete lack of empathy for, or interest in, possible victims of these accused priests,” said Anne Rice, the bestselling author of novels including Interview with the Vampireand a former Catholic who has been outspoken in her criticism of the church’s handling of the sex-abuse scandal. “In this letter the concern is for the reputation of the priesthood. This is as disappointing as it is shocking.”

Other documents that have emerged in the criminal and civil cases involving McGuire could affect the sainthood prospects of another deceased religious leader eyed by the Vatican for sainthood. Among the newly uncovered church records are letters by Rev. John Hardon, a Jesuit who also worked extensively with Mother Teresa and died in 2000. He collaborated with then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, on the Catechism of the Catholic Church, a landmark summation of contemporary church doctrine. In 2005, the Vatican opened a formal inquiry into whether Hardon should be made a saint.

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    19 Responses to “Tainted Saint: Mother Teresa Defended Pedophile Priest”

  1. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    well well well…that filthy ole hag knew all about donald’s crimes against kids and she wanted him back on the job? teresita failed…tee hee hee, tee hee hee…


    pudlo pudlat
    mini wirehair doxie

  2. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Fr. HARDON had issues: http://goodjesuitbadjesuit.blogspot.com/2010/07/fr-john-hardon-sj-on-problems-of-yoga.html

    How could anybody not fall in love with a baby elephant? duh…

  3. ERW Says:

    Hitchens was an atheist, who hated anybody who believed in a God and who did great work for God. I consider him a lyer when it comes to reporting on matters of faith and religion.

    By the standards of India, the houses for the dying was heaven for those street people. Oh yes, have read Hitchen on Mothe Teresa years ago. Mother Teresa and he sisters live a poorer lifestyle then the people they serve. I know, as I have volunteered many years for them. They are the only charity who will get my money, since I know, they waste nothing and do not spend it on high living. Do I like all those sisters? No I do not. I have met one so far who was a nasty bitch. They rest, truly saintly.

    How was Mother Teresa supposed to know, what the background of their donors where? Those sisters do not even have TV or newspapers. Whatever donation they get, they stretch it as far as possbile. They work and pray and do not keep up with politics, gossip and other news. All their energy goes into serving the poorest of the poor. I have been with them, worked with them, and for them in their endeavers.

    There is no other organization, who does so much with so little. Unless you have walked with them, do not even to try to malign them.

    An unsigned letter??? This stinks to high heaven for me. Hogwash I say those claims arre and evil.

  4. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    How could anybody be considered a “saint” who turned a blind eye to Donald McGuire and supported his release? He was a big time serial child rapist.

    I’m holding a novena in the dog park soon to pray that McGuire is raped daily until he drops dead.

    As for Mother Teresa, she’s already dead.

  5. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Please review: http://www.google.com/search?q=baby+elephants&hl=en&client=safari&rls=en&prmd=imvns&source=lnms&tbm=isch&ei=rDQOT9DeGMqiiQLcvOnmDQ&sa=X&oi=mode_link&ct=mode&cd=2&ved=0CBcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1649&bih=924

    we rest our case…


    chili & pudlo
    mini doxies

  6. ERW Says:

    Lostaunau, I am convinced this is poisoned hogwash and lies about Mother Teresa. It is that simple.

  7. ERW Says:

    Yes, Father Fessio, a total conservative, certainly did celebrate mass regularly for Mother Teresa’s sisters. I believe, founded Ignatius Press, was a big name at a very conservative College in Florida on and off in recent years.

  8. Joey Piscitelli Says:

    To ERW, You are in denial and you are as naive as the children who were raped by one of many of Mother Teresas buddy pedophile priests. Mother Teresa was a pedophile protecting disgrace. Filthy catholic priests like serial child rapist Fr.McGuire traveled to her facilities from the USA specifically and intentionally to have a place to molest children. Fr. McGuire was convicted by USA Homeland Security for interconitinental transportattion to commit child rapes. And it was at Mother Teresas facilities. You know nothing about the facts, you are a blind sheep. Mother teresa intentionally hid mcGuires many rapes and molestation witout hestitation, she is as rancid as Cardinal Levada.
    Read more about the disgraceful fraud of a “saint” here:


  9. Joey Piscitelli Says:

    Mother Teresa- Catholic Saint, Hypocrite, Pedophile Protector, Disgrace

    Mother Teresa, the famous Catholic Saint, has been an inspiration to the world for decades. She is an icon that will forever be remembered for her contributions to the poor, destitute, and dying. She is revered by millions, as the most pure, unselfish, and exalted example of Catholicism.

    She is also a pedophile protector, a disgrace to her status as a saint, and a typical Catholic official who has blackened the reputation of the largest, richest, most hypocritical religious organization on earth; the Catholic Church. She has deliberately failed to protect innocent child rape victims; by her own choice. She has deliberately covered for famous child sex offender clergy, who traveled to her facilities abroad from the USA to rape innocent children, and she has aided and abetted those abusers; by not turning the sex offenders into authorities. She has protected the Catholic clergy sex offenders known to her willingly, and she has had the audacity to receive awards and honors for her contributions to the underprivileged; of course not ever mentioning her favoritism for the catholic clergy sex offenders she protected.
    Mother Teresa intentionally covered for serial rapist and child destroyer, the poster boy for disturbed Jesuit filth – Fr. Donald McGuire, allowing him to use her facilities for his sick, disturbed pedophile child sexual molestations. Fr. Donald McGuire is is prison as you read this, as he was convicted by the United States Department of Homeland Security, for transportation outside of the USA for multiple child abuses, amongst other crimes. Fr. McGuire, not surprisingly, was a famous San Francisco Jesuit clergyman, a teacher at the University of San Francisco, and a buddy of syndicate kingpin Cardinal Levada; another infamous clergy pedophile protector from San Francisco. Levada is now the General Inquisitor, the office formerly known as the Office of the Inquisition, at the Vatcian, having covered for more famous clergy sex offenders than I can count. And Fr, McGuire may probably be at the top of his list.
    Mother Teresa wrote letters in defense of Fr. McGuire, begging the church to keep him in ministry, after he was known to her to be a serial child rapist, and the Catholic Hierarchy willingly obliged. No surprise there. Fr. McGuire then traveled freely on his child sex abuse spree, with the blessing of Mother Teresa and the Roman Catholic Hierarchy, unchecked- and proceeded to molest children both here and abroad.
    So as the world is deceived once again, by the Mammoth Molestation Machine- the Roman Catholic Church; the most famous Nun-Saint in the modern world, known for her heroism and holiness, is now added to the disgraceful list of famous Catholic pedophile protectors. If Mother Teresa had acted responsibly, and had the decency to turn Fr. McGuire in when she had first found out about his traveling escapades to rape innocent kids, she would not be shamed, dishonored and tainted for the horrendous corruption she hid, and that she willfully condoned.

    Shame on you Mother Teresa. And if you are still a saint in heaven with your “God’, then shame on both of you.

    Joey Piscitelli 1- 8- 2012

  10. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Fr. Joe Fessio pranced about the USF campus and entertained his demonic pal McGuire. He did NOTHNG to stop McGuire from raping innocent children.

    I was present with Mr. Piscitelli prior to a SNAP news conference at USF on the steps of St. Ignatius church and heard details about McGuire demonic adventures from his nephew, the attorney who sued his own Uncle McGuire. The filth that we heard about McGuire was disturbing. The mother of a child that McGuire raped over a period of years was distraught by what happened to her son. She was a sweet woman and in enormous emotional pain. During lunch, it was intimated that McGuire may have murdered a young teen who traveled with him in Switzerland. The kid died after falling from a cliff where he and McGuire were enjoying a hike. Curious death? yup…

    I like and appreciate you ERW but as far as Mother Teresa, Fessio, and McGuire, it doesn’t more evil. I would love to punch McGuire and Fessio in the face.

  11. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    incidentally, i rather like ole hitchens…may he rest in peace…

  12. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    good jesuit bad jesuit: http://goodjesuitbadjesuit.blogspot.com/2011/05/hell-files-fr-donald-mcguire-sj.html

  13. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Notorious prisoners who are roomies with McGuire! tee hee hee, tee hee hee…scroll down and check out a partial list!!!


  14. Patrick Says:

    ERW: I guess the kid from the article walked with them, well “walked” might not be the proper description after McGuire was done with him…
    Ask him what he thinks.

  15. ERW Says:

    If I had ever had come upon a pedophile in action, he probably would have ended up in the morgue, and I in prison, as I had been abused as a kid myself.

    Why did Kathryn Spink–who followed Mother Teresa around in her later years and wrote the most complete biography–not catch on to any of the “cover-up”? This was a very sophisticated, well educated and traveled person.

    I still maintain, Mother Teresa’s Missionairies of Charity do the most good with the least resources and live poverty themselves to a fault. I know of no other religious order, who spends that little on their own personal needs. I have worked with them for years, and I have experienced their poverty and hard work.

    That so called document without her signature is a death give away for me, for a frame-up.

  16. ERW Says:

    No, I am not a stupid follower and apologetic for anybody. If mother covered up and condoned as you claim, Joe, then I hope she will never be canonized.

    I admire all who put their energy into uncovering the horrific crimes and cover up and so help prevent it. My generation had no one to turn to. If we mentioned anything negative about a priest to the parents, we were trashed for it.
    What happens now to SNAP with the supoenas is nothing but an attempt to destroy the organization. This organizations relentless press releases all over the media landscape the past more than 20 years has been the major reason, this diabolic practice is getting the attention it deserves. I just hope the church is not succeding in this matter, and put us back into the dark ages.

  17. Augusta Wynn Says:

    Mother Teresa became a household name because she was a cozy partner to Roman Catholic hierarchy and believed all their malarky. Of course she did good caring for the sick, the poor, the dying, just as religious women have acted since the onset of religious women. But no other religious woman was honored by the men calling themselves priests who live in palaces.

    It is curious, though, what became of all the money she fundraised, and why she felt her voice was used wisely to defend the indefensible. She may have not, as a nun, been able to imagine the evil of McGuire, but it also served her religious notions to stay in denial where he was concerned. The jesuits must have had a good laugh for themselves, knowing McGuire to be a pedophile for at least a decade while they let him give “spiritual retreats” to all the nuns under Mother Teresa’s rule. And Ignatian retreats to the priests.

    Christopher Hitchens did humanity a service by exposing the bubble of illusion surrounding a nun
    who believed in the absolute holiness of human suffering.


  18. Thomas Says:

    Agnes had some dark days, but this is the darkest revelation. If she indeed did all these things to as they say, to “prevent scandal” in the Church…no, she is not a saint. A lover of Christ and what is holy would knowingly always do the right thing. That letter may be a ploy—an artificial artifact to discredit her efforts at being both humanitarian and a saint. I am not saying that it isn’t true…but, without further evidence, I cannot buy into it. Further, in caring for the poor, and the neglected; the sick, and the dying; the outcast, and the abandoned—one uses all available resources, and most are human resources. They work with the little that is at hand, and yes—it is not care steeped in science…it is care steeped in palliation—whatever is at hand to make things better and ease suffering, use. Taking care of one another might only provide a resource of the self…when one is dying, sometimes that is all that is given, and all that is necessary. If she used what is called dirty money in her efforts because of the character of the donators, then it is they who have provided the charity along with the work of the sisters in doing good. God does not need to ask the history of the provider of dollars that will eventually assist with good works. He already knows that the history of all mankind and womankind is sinful. And get this—He knows that saints aren’t perfect.

  19. ERW Says:

    As usual, you put the perfect focus on an imperfect corner of the world.

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