Cardinal George Should Resign

Received by email on 8.13.2008 from Sister Maureen Paul Turlish.

I agree with Sister Maureen’s  fine letter to the Editor of the Chicago Tribune.

Cardinal George should resign.

* * *

From Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California billions of dollars  have been spent just since 2002 in attempts to avoid having files and records of known sexual predators made public and the same goes for depositions made by the some of the highest church leadership in the United States.

It has been reported that last year alone,, the Catholic Church paid out 615 million dollars, the bulk of it — 526 million dollars — to halt any further legal proceedings and prevent files and records form finding their way into the public venue.

Is it possible?  Can it be true?  Sadly, yes.

Now we are able to read the testimony of Chicago’s Cardinal Francis George, who remains the archbishop of Chicago as well as the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the reality is damming beyond belief.

Like the 2005 Grand Jury Report on the Archdiocese of Philadelphia we see how our church leaders protected and enabled known rapists and child molesters for much of their clerical careers while giving no thought to the trail of broken bodies and souls these sociopaths left in their wake.

Can one believe the excuses and rationalizations that would indicate an incompetence beyond belief or is George yet another archetypal figure representing a clerical system corrupted beyond imagination like Cardinal Roger Mahony of Los Angeles, Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, or Philadelphia Cardinals John Krol and Anthony Bevilacqua?

Should anyone accept George’s qualified words of responsibility and acceptance of blame when both his integrity and credibility appear to be irreparably compromised?

No, not until he demands the resignation of all archdiocesan officials, past or present, who as enablers are as culpable as he.

No, not until he submits his own resignation to Pope Benedict XVI.

No, not until he, as president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, directs all the bishops and their state Catholic Conferences to stop their vicious opposition to the complete removal of all criminal and civil statutes of limitation in regard to the sexual abuse of children and supports a two, three, or even a five year civil window for bringing forward previously barred cases.

Until then is just another unrepentant enabler.

I love my church and she deserves much, much better.

Sister Maureen Paul Turlish
Victims’ Advocate

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