SNAP Posts Archbishop Burke’s “Ten most reckless & callous actions”

I received this SNAP press statement via email from David Clohessy, 8.17.2008.

Thanks, David.

This list compels one to ask the pope: Is Archbishop Burke’s promotion to Rome because of this terrible record or is it because he’s followed the pope’s wishes to a tee in protecting members of the priestly brotherhood? I have my answer. What’s yours?

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For immediate release: Sunday, Aug. 17


SNAP posts Archbishop’s “Ten most reckless & callous actions”


Group blasts Burke for “letting accused sex offenders work and live here”


As Archbishop Raymond Burke celebrates his last mass in St. Louis , leaders of a support group for clergy sex abuse victims are releasing a list of his ten “most reckless and callous actions in clergy sex cases here.”


The new list is posted at SNAPmidwest.org and is included below.


SNAP criticizes Burke for paying $500,000 to free a convicted predator priest, for moving a priest who’s been accused of molesting at least three boys, and for bringing a number of proven, admitted and credibly accused priests from elsewhere to live and/or work here.


For more information, contact

David Clohessy of St. Louis , SNAP National Director 314 566 9790 cell

Barbara Dorris of St. Louis , SNAP Outreach Director 314 862 7688 home, 503 0003 cell


—————-Burke’s most reckless and callous actions in clergy sex cases here (posted 8/17/08)


(Each fact cited below, in each case, has appeared in media accounts in at least one credible mainstream news source, and usually, in several such sources.)


1. On Friday, a Wisconsin judge sentenced a serial predator priest to six months in jail. Sometime between 2003 and 2006, Burke let that cleric, Fr. Bruce MacArthur, move to a church center for pedophile priests in Franklin County , even though MacArthur had been accused of molesting at least seven girls and was indicted in the attempted rape of a disabled, mute 54-year-old patient at a nursing home.




2. Right now, he’s quietly letting an admitted pedophile priest work at/near and live on/near St. Louis University .


He’s Fr. Vincent Bryce, who was suspended from two Michigan parishes in 2002 when he admitted molesting a child. (His direct supervisors have acknowledged the admission in writing). Bryce works at the Aquinas Institute, directly across the street from SLU and lives in Jesuit Hall, at the northwest corner of Grand and Lindell.


In December, a Chicago area newspaper disclosed that Bryce is here, but no St. Louis media have yet mentioned his name.






3. Right now, he’s quietly letting Fr. Robert Osborne work at a Kirkwood parish. Osborne left Vianney high school after being accused of molesting a boy. He later admitted giving liquor to kids and a second alleged sex abuse victim came forward.


Osborne was sued and his victim received a substantial settlement. Osborne’s direct supervisors, a religious order called the Marianists, refuse to reassign him to any of their dozens of schools they run across the US . But Burke lets him work in a parish here.




4. In 2006, he quietly let a Yakima priest work at St. Joseph’s in Clayton & St. Ambrose on the HiIl. Back in Washington state, that cleric, Fr. Darell Mitchell, had naked photos of boys on his computer and admitted that he had gone to other websites that showed naked boys. He’d also been accused of giving beer and numerous gifts to one minor, holding ‘boys-only’ dinners and game nights at his home, letting young men spend the night at the rectory, taking a minor on a European trip, and letting one boy live at the rectory with the priest for weeks one summer, introducing that minor to others as his “godson.” (When reports of his admissions & the allegations against him surfaced in St. Louis , he abruptly resigned.)


5. In 2005, he quietly let a Kansas priest live and work at St. Ambrose on the Hill. That cleric, Fr. Nicholas Voelker, had been accused recently of twice sexually assaulted a parishioner who got a protective order and a substantial settlement from church authorities because of the assaults.


6. He quietly let eight or nine proven, admitted or credibly accused archdiocesan predator priests live at Regina Cleri (a retirement home with virtually no security) in Shrewsbury . In 2005, when SNAP publicly disclosed this, Burke told the Post Dispatch the nun overseeing the sex offenders “is very strict – their comings and goings, everything is monitored. She is right on top of things.”


However, that same nun told the Post Dispatch that the priests in question serve as the facility’s “volunteer employees” doing everything from driving older priests to the hospital or drugstore to fixing computers. She admitted “she does not monitor the men if they go to a movie or for a walk. ‘I don’t police them like that. I would trust them all. I would.’


Among the pedophile priests at Regina Cleri: Michael Campbell, Hugh Creason, Alfred Fitzgerald, and Robert Johnston.




7. In 2004, he let a fugitive Canadian cleric, move to a church center for pedophile priests in Franklin County . Br. Gerald Chumik after California parishioners demanded he be moved for the safety of their kids. Media accounts describe him as a fugitive. He’s wanted for felony child molestation in Canada .


8. In June 2008, he named Fr. Alex Anderson a pastor in DeSoto. Anderson is accused of molesting three boys, none of whom know each other. The archdiocese paid one of his victims $22,500. Anderson sued one of his accusers for slander, and vowed to take his victim to court unless a number of concessions were met (a written retraction of the allegation, the removing Anderson ’s name from the SNAP website, etc.) None of those conditions were met.




9. In 2005, he “put up a half-million dollars to keep out of jail a priest convicted of sodomizing a teenage boy,” according to the Post Dispatch. More than a year later, that cleric, Fr. Thomas Graham, won a reversal of his conviction on a legal technicality – the statute of limitations. But he would have likely spent a year behind bars (and kids would have been safer) had Burke not spent $500,000 to free him, despite being convicted by an impartial jury that heard all the evidence.




10. He repeatedly ignored SNAP’s call for a moratorium on importing proven, admitted, and credibly accused serial predator priests at two church-run facilities:

        – RECON, also known as the Wounded Brothers Project, near Robertsville in Franklin County &                  

        – St. John Vianney Renewal Center near Dittmer in Jefferson County.


SNAP estimates that Burke has let literally dozens of sex offender clergy come to these centers, almost always without warning to neighbors, parishioners or the public. (In some instances, they are convicted, so are put on the state child molester’s registry.) Some of them are among the most prolific and notorious pedophile priests in the US (including Fr. James McGreal of Seattle who faced 35 accusers, and Thomas S. Schaefer and Alphonsus Smith, both priests from Washington who were among four priests who were indicted in 1995 on charges of sexually abusing nine boys.)




For more information:

David Clohessy of St. Louis SNAP National Director 314 566 9790 cell (SNAPclohessy@aol.com)

Barbara Dorris of St. Louis , SNAP Outreach Director 314 862 7688 home (SNAPdorris@gmail.com)




For an overview on Burke and the on-going abuse/cover up scandal, please see:

    11 Responses to “SNAP Posts Archbishop Burke’s “Ten most reckless & callous actions””

  1. Deanna Leonti Says:

    do these bishops “think” what they are is doing is right?
    and if so by whose law is it justified?.
    So by their book of rules; if they do not see what they are doing is not wrong than it isn’t consdiered sinful”?

    how do they do it?

    oh, yeah I rmemeber its the only sacrament above any law of the Skull & Cross Bone Brotherhood.

    deanna leonti

  2. Deanna Leonti Says:

    or is it Free Masons,? or YaYa Sisterhood/Brotherhood? for all that matters.


  3. Deanna Leonti Says:

    how do miracles work?

    how is it that God can move and make a decision in lightning speed about the ordination of women priests (excommunicated), and yet make no decision about these bishops? and the secret societies that they protect?

    now that’s miraculuos!

    deanna leonti

  4. Deanna Leonti Says:

    I am in therapy to help de-bunk my brain of all that I was taught of the RC disfunctional way,

    deanna leonti

  5. Augusta Wynn Says:

    Archbishop Burke now joins the ranks of the other two Fans of Pedophile Priests and Bishops, Cardinal Law and Cardinal Levada. Pope Benedict will have his hands full, after apologizing for pedophile priests everywhere he goes, explaining his promotion of these pedophile enablers to top Vatican positions.

    Men who are not allowed to love, who live in opulence without families and all the while performing religious ritual, are the first to disregard the welfare of children. Archbishop Burke’s cultivated cruelty in placing protection of pedophile priests above the souls of children is monstrous, if not criminal. Why he isn’t forced to the Town Square in shackles is beyond the realm of decency.

    It is a mighty blessing of our time that these fraudulent clerics are being exposed. Our catholic ancestors were duped by these men and men like them. From wherever they are now in their Eternal Joy, they must be ecstatic that all this evil is being brought into the light.

    Off to the Vatican with you, Raymond Burke. You will be in excellent company with men of your own ilk.

    A huge thankyou to SNAP, Bishopaccountability, Voice From the Desert.. and all those who work tirelessly on behalf of keeping children safe.

    Meredith Ahern

  6. Peggy Warren Says:

    Fr. Nicholas Voelker from the Wichita Catholic Diocese under Bishop Michael Jackels- congratulations on making the list – #5 –
    it is a shame that Bishop Burke and Msgr. Hemberger felt like they had to lie to their flock, first telling the people of the Wichita Diocese that Voelker was on leave for medical reasons and then telling the people of the St. Louis Archdiocese that Voelker was taking classes at St. Louis University. Honesty is always the best policy – Fr. Nicholas Voelker is a sexual predator.
    If what Voelker did to me would have happened in the state of MN, he would have been charged with FELONIES! We are working to make that happen here in Kansas for future victims of sexual exploitation of adults by clergy.
    Peace to all who work to expose these predators!
    Peggy Warren
    Wichita, KS

  7. Luke Rheaume Says:

    Burke was more of a Roman Govenor than he was a Shepherd to the people of Saint Louis. He enforced the things that made him look good to Rome adn comfortable for himself (i.e. Pontius Polit). He alienated people and the impact will be on Saint Louis for many years to come.

    May Saint Louis get an Archbishop that is more of a shepherd – looking out for his people, protecting them from the harm of the wolves and hired hands that have been let into the church leadership.

  8. hrh Says:

    Luke, don’t hold your breath. These guys are not dummies. The gang of arrogant, condescending, avaricious (EXTREMELY avaricious!), disconnected, entitled queens that have taken over the institutional church speak now with one voice. (Remember, most were appointed by JPII.) Is it significant that, out of 4,400 miters and red hats, only two (Gumbleton and Robinson) have spoken with a different voice? You betcha. The other 4,380 have seen the fallout; they’ll go along to get along. And maintain their luxury lifestyle and life of privilege.

    That is, until some DA finally grows a pair and puts one in a cell! Hey, we can dream, can’t we?!

  9. Thomas Says:

    One should already be in a cell for punishing a group of innocent American Roman Catholics that became “the in betweens” in a struggle for power. Americans have the right to worship and express their faith freely under the law. That right was violated for the good people of St. Stanislaus’s parish when their pastors were pulled away, the board of governance was harassed and excommunicated, they were disallowed the sacraments of their faith, and a minister of their own election was discredited and excommunicated on trumped up charges. Hierarchy placed spies at an event which had nothing to do with them, and to photograph the occurence of a sacrament that they say did not occur—well, if they have pictures, they can clearly see that it did occur…and apostolic succession will go on.

    One cannot punish the American people for their ideas which are unpopular and not the same as the selected group of which they are a member. We are all entitled to our personal opinion. If church and state are not to remain separate, they may as well, tear down the boundaries of separation now. Yes, I am thankful for knowing the truth, but when one reads the St. Louis Review, and today’s Post-Dispatch…it makes me ask, did I miss something—or do I need to get this confusion checked out?

  10. hrh Says:

    Thomas, I believe the St Stan mess originated when Burke realized all that lovely real estate and Sunday collection plate offerings weren’t his, but the parish’s. Remember, it’s always all about the money. And the avaricious Bish Club will do ANYTHING to get their hands on it to maintain their cushy lifestyle.

    Unfortunately, the pastor there now has gotten stars in his eyes (bought himself a bishop’s ring, and more) and made a mess and divided the parish, complicating matters beyond repair for now. Lucky, lucky bish.

  11. Thomas Says:

    The measure of man is never anything which he wears, nor how he is chosen to wear it. Some things are not meant to be quantified. And I thank God for that….that He should forget every transgression He has witnessed from His domain. The first thing to be tossed into the fire should be sin, and unfortunately…we all have plenty of this disgraceful thing!

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