Catholic Clergy Child Abuse Investigations Since 2005 … and a Papal Resignation, By Patrick Wall


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I thank Patrick Wall for this and for all the work he does on behalf of RCC clerical sex abuse victims/survivors.

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I thank “N.Y. Survivors” for alerting me to this link.

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Read Patrick’s four powerful sentences, particularly the one I highlighted in red [FJD].

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Catholic Clergy Child Abuse Investigations Since 2005 … and a Papal Resignation

The German Pope’s resignation today as the Bishop of Rome (for health reasons) is the final lie in his Papacy. Since 2005, Benedict XVI’s church has been the subject of more civil and criminal inquiries of the Church since the time of the Protestant Reformation.

Just look at the sheer volume of child abuse and financial abuse inquires during Benedict XVI’s reign. The real story is how these worldwide child abuse inquires brought on the first resignation of a healthy Pope in eight centuries.

Click on the links to read the full reports.


German Bishops Halt Child Abuse Inquiry


Australian Prime Minister Julian Gillard announces National Inquiry of child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church


Report on wide spread child abuse in Belgian Church

Bishop Roger Vanghuewe resigns after child abuse accusations


Reverend Marcial Maciel, Founder of the Legionaries of Christ, was removed in 19 after first being removed as head of the Order for sexually abusing children in the 1950′s

United States

Los Angeles – Cardinal Roger Mahony’s 1985-2011 coverup of 128 priest perpetrators is revealed and Benedict XVI remains silent

Milwaukee – In the midst of planning for Bankruptcy and moving assets to shield them from child sex abuse survivors, Archbishop Dolan pays for the perpetrators silence.  Pope Benedict XVI rewards Dolan and promotes him to Cardinal

Philadelphia – After two grand Jury Reports Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua knowingly keeps priest perpetrators in ministry, orders the destruction of the evidence and his Vicar for Clergy is criminally convicted

New Hampshire


Cloyne Report

Ferns Report 

Murphy Report

Ryan Report 

Amnesty International Report



Vatican Bank inquiry


Vatileaks and Monsignor 007


    2 Responses to “Catholic Clergy Child Abuse Investigations Since 2005 … and a Papal Resignation, By Patrick Wall”

  1. ClevelandGirl Says:

    I hope that all the JPII/Benny appointed right-wing zealots bring to fruition the goal of these two popes – the election of the most right-wing/fascist/gay-hating/woman-hating pope ever! Of course, I’m against all of these things myself, but I want the *worst pope ever* to be elected so that as many people *leave* as possible. The more pre-neanderthal pronouncements about pelvic issues, the better! The more stupid and out of touch the papacy and RCC Inc show themselves to be (their *true* face), the better! Let’s see a *young* Opus Dei/Legionaries of Christ pope! Let’s have 30 years of cilices and disciplines for all and see how many stay! Let’s have *everyone* see the BS inherent in the system and the emperor being stark naked once and for all!

    Supposedly, Benny’s successor will be the last pope (“Peter of Rome”). I’m not one for prophecy, but I hope this one comes true!

    I was hoping Benny’s dropping the pope title would eliminate any immunity from prosecution in the World Court for crimes against humanity, but if he’s going to a cloistered monastery inside vatican walls, then he’ll be protected from extradition, especially to the U.S., to answer for his and the vatican’s crimes. He really knows how to cover his own arse, doesn’t he?

    I said in 2005 what I’m gonna say again here (thank you I, Claudius!):

    Let *all* the *poisons* that lurk in the mud hatch out!!!!!

  2. Thomas Says:

    Even if the next pope is completely free of any suspicion of using his office to harm others…the throne he sits on will be quite HOT. There is already a contender named Peter….no name change needed.

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