Letter to the Editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune

I just sent (9.11.2008) the following letter to the editor of the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

In the case of Father Montero, the priest from Ecuador who molested a 3 year old girl, church spokesman Dennis McGrath said that Archdiocesan officials had no way to hold him here. That’s seems disingenuous.  As attorney Jeff Anderson points out, the archdiocese could have ordered him to stay in the Twin Cities long enough for the police investigation to end.


When will church officials begin to protect children rather than criminal priests?

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  1. Deanna Leonti Says:

    What do they mean “Archdiocesan officials had no way to hold him here” ?.
    What? the brainwashing technique didn’t work on him like they do to everyone else?
    too bad the church cannot be held in contempt (of the higher court) in which they claim to be called from.

    deanna leonti

  2. James Duane Says:

    Archdiocesan officials be damned (they prob’ly are anyway!) What’s wrong with the local law enforcement? Where is your legislature in all this? Where is your federal government in all this? Had the man stolen a three year old Mercedes from the governor he’d still be sitting his butt in stoney lonesome! Had he absconded with the deed to the rectory and/or the church,had he taken anything, of consequence from the minions of Mother Church, the Archbishops attorneys would be hot on his trail! But! What did he take? Only the soul of a three year old Catholic girl child! Not of much consequence to Mother Church! But I’ll bet it is to God!
    This is still about God! Ain’t it?
    With all the rhetoric about Palins “God talk” and problems with Obamas preacher and McCain just being McCain, I wonder what each of their positions is on these issues!

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