Former Pope Moves In With Rumored Gay, Male, Homosexual, Lover


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The Vatican has more titillating stories than Hollywood and the White House put together. No wonder it’s a media darling [FJD].

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Former Pope Moves In With Rumored Gay, Male, Homosexual, Lover


Wayne Besen

March 01, 2013

Former Pope Benedict XVI has ginned up an odd arrangement with his sexy secretary, Monsignor Georg Gänswein, who has been compared to a cross between George Clooney and Hugh Grant. The sex symbol will continue to live with Benedict, while working for the new Pope during the day. This peculiar situation has the Internet abuzz, because there have long been rumors that the two men were gay, male, homosexual lovers (yeah, I’m using redundant shame words, because the Pope wouldn’t have it any other way)

According to Andrew Sullivan:

This man – clearly in some kind of love with Ratzinger (and vice-versa) will now be working for the new Pope as secretary in the day and spending the nights with the Pope Emeritus. This is not the Vatican. It’s Melrose Place.

If Ratzinger is truly in a gay, male, homosexual relationship, there will be a special place in hell waiting for him. His career has been marked by worldwide attacks on LGBT people so vicious, he makes Roy Cohn look like Harvey Milk. It is almost inconceivable that he launched those sickening salvos from the closet — and if this turns out to be the case, he can only be described as an awful human being.

This is the Internet age and secrets are more difficult to maintain. Maybe Larry Flynt could offer $5 million to anyone who has concrete evidence that the former Pope is living with his boyfriend, in a castle subsidized by the donations of Catholics across the globe.


Monsignor Georg GänsweinPope Benedict XVI

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Wayne Besen is the Founding Executive Director of Truth Wins Out and author of “Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth” (Haworth, 2003). In 2010, Besen was awarded the “Visionary Award” at the Out Music Awards for organizing the American Prayer Hour, an event which shined a spotlight on the role American evangelicals played in the introduction of Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

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    10 Responses to “Former Pope Moves In With Rumored Gay, Male, Homosexual, Lover”

  1. tina Says:

    is that a baby they are holding and close too. puke.

  2. Jim Jenkins Says:

    This aspect of the B16 abdication is sooooooooo sick and pathetic. I think I just threw up in my mouth!

    If reports out of the Vatican are to be believed, Bella Girogio will continue in his position as head of the papal household. Does this mean that Ratzinger will be pulling the strings from his hideaway in the nuns’ monastery???

    What self-respecting new pope will tolerate having his not-dead predecessor’s “companion” perched over his shoulder watching every move his makes reporting back to the consummate Vatican power player? This arrangement will never work – unless of course the new pope has already been selected and just needs to go through the formality of the conclave – it’s possible because that was the way it was for Ratzinger.

    I will be relieved if after the new pope takes charge by first finding different arrangements and accommodations for Ratzinger and his companion far away from the conniving Vatican curia.

    Sadly, Ratzinger given all the enemies he has made on his way up the clerical ladder who might want to look him up now that he is now longer so omnipotent and infallible, probably needs the protection of platoons of security guards. [Former associates include Mafia dons, international financiers, reactionary wackos in Christian neo-fascist groups like SSPX, Marxist terrorist groups, Freemasons, the list goes on …]

    The last time I visited Tuscany I toured the Carthusian monastery at Certosa not far from Firenza. There are only about 5 hermits left there. It has beautiful cloistered gardens, breathtaking views of Tuscany, high walls and thick gates for security, fine artwork, good food, medieval splendor. Certosa was one of those islands of sanctuary back in the day where a forlorn aristocrat or cleric if you needed to drop-out of circulation because you had ticked-off the duke could go for several years. The perfect place to deposit a has-been pope and his companion. “Far from the Madding Crowd” …

  3. Thomas Says:

    That’s funny! Monastics are the closest ones to God…or so they say—maybe the pope wanted to be close to God and in a nursing home all in one?

  4. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Lets not jump to conclusions mes petites…perhaps Georg will screw over the Ratz, steal its red shoes and come live with me! Or, he could arrange for the Ratz to be served a poisoned fig! She would just slump over and BOINK! …the nasty “B” gone for eternity! Some folks are gonna be furious that Benedict showers au naturel with Georg…scrubby scrubby for days, deep dark furry furry sniffy sniffy here ‘n there…yup, that’s what’s gonna happen. I that’s what’s gonna happen in secret…waaaaaay waaaaaaay nasty and I mean it.

    I’m not the kind of person that talks nasty but I want to watch…


    pudlo pudlat
    mini wirehair doxie

  5. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Correction: I think that that’s what’s gonna happen in secret….waaaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaay nasty!!!

  6. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Monastery: https://www.google.com/search?q=Carthusian+Monastery+at+Certosa&hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=53J&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=bqsyUY6IHYbmiwKwxoGQAw&ved=0CAoQ_AUoAQ&biw=1027&bih=593

  7. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    I would go so far as to ax GAY-org if he would like me to puck his eyebrows…that’s what I would do!

  8. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    …pluck his eyebrows…

  9. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    I wonder if Georg is able to have a baby?

  10. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    It’s the kind of question that a queer like to ax.

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