Pope Francis’ cars: Fiats, a Ford and a Renault 4L


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Pope Francis’ cars: Fiats, a Ford and a Renault 4L

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October 13, 2013. (Romereports.com) At the beginning of September, Pope Francis surprised the world once again. Or at least his car did. He was seen riding a white 1984 used Renault in the Vatican.

If given a choice, most people would buy the fastest or newest car in the market, but ever since Pope Francis arrival to the Vatican, one thing is clear: as far as he’s concerned, name brands aren’t that important.

The night of his election, Pope Francis rode the same bus as his fellow cardinals back to Casa Santa Marta. The black Mercedes that awaited the new Pontiff left without a passenger.

The following morning, the Mercedes was still parked. The Pope decided to carry out his first journey as the leader of the Catholic Church in a very discrete Volkswagen model provided by the Vatican’s Gendarmerie.

Ever since that day, whenever he needs to get from one place to another, his first choice is always the modest one. He arrived at Ciampino airport in a Ford Focus and at WYD [World Youth Day] in Rio used a silver Fiat SUV.

But just like his predecessors, he still uses the popemobile. His favorite choice is an open Mercedes-Benz G Class, which makes it easier for him to greet the people.

“I missed one in the back who was calling me”…

But ironically, the most expensive cars have been the least expensive for the Vatican. Luxurious companies usually give the Pope some of their best vehicles for free. And we’re not only talking about cars: even Harley Davidson gave Francis two bikes during the bikers pilgrimage to Rome last June.


    3 Responses to “Pope Francis’ cars: Fiats, a Ford and a Renault 4L”

  1. Deanna Leonti Says:

    I don’t know why they use motor vehicles, computers, cell phones and modern science when their thinking stays in the Dark Ages.

  2. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Many moons ago when President Johnson came to town everybody in the restroom, which had 20 stalls, was asked to leave while the the President took care of his business.

    One guy refused to pay any attention to the FBI and the law was unable to get him to move. Eventually, he shouted out, “How many assholes does the President have?” I stood outside and listened and of course, I laughed. He had a point, nobody needs 20 stalls all at once unless there’s a need that nobody knows about.

    I’ve noticed that Pope Francis has a hefty backside. How many cars does he need to move his fat ass around?

    i rest my case…


    pudlo pudlat
    mini wirehair doxie

  3. Thomas Says:

    And what are you doing looking at the pope’s buttocks…he’s a married man…married to the Church? Get rid of all fluff, feed and educate the poor with the money, it’s a start…but it’s not the sort of thing that helps the clerical sexual abuse crisis. Call a Council…and present the case for God.

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