New Book…Fallen From Grace: Pedophilia and Declining Moral Authority of the Roman Catholic Church


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I read and commented on an early draft of this book.

I wish the authors every success with it.


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Fallen From Grace

Pedophilia and Declining Moral Authority of the Roman Catholic Church by Donald Lyle Lang, PhD with David Cruise Malloy, PhD

A predatory priest abuses a child. This continues until the crime is uncovered. Once revealed, the priest is removed from the ‘situation’ and the cloak of silence covers all. Those who oversee the priest acknowledge that this act of violence is unacceptable and condemn the priest privately (they may even blame the victim for enticing the weak priest). Despite their revulsion of this physical abuse, they invoke the Vatican Imperative of maintaining silence in order to protect the Church’s greater good from scandal.

Problem solving is only as good as our ability to distinguish between cause and symptom. Focusing on symptoms rather than causes of ‘evil’ is futile if real substantive and permanent change is the ‘actual’ intent. Such is the case with pedophilia and the Catholic Church.

What is it about the Roman Catholic Church that made it a haven for pedophiles who were not only tolerated but protected by Church senior leadership, so that they could continue to enact their evil on the innocents and unsuspecting?

What is it about the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church that sustains a culture of silence in dealing with the pedophilia problem, so evident in the mantra, ‘for the good of the Church’?

This book examines these critical questions.

Donald Lyle Lang, PhD with David Cruise Malloy, PhD

Dr. Donald Lyle Lang served thirty-one years in Canada’s military as an applied psychologist, which included teaching leadership and management at Canada’s Military Colleges for eight years. Since retirement he has been instructing graduate students, University of Victoria, Faculty of Education, in research methods as well as supervising major research projects.

A graduate of Queen’s University (Kingston, Psychology) and the University of Victoria (Educational Administration), Donald’s research interest is in the commitment of individuals to organizations, leadership, organizational climate/culture/ideology, philosophical perspectives on the meaning of good and right, and value dynamics. He has published works in professional journals.

Dr. David Cruise Malloy is a professor of Applied Ethics at the University of Regina, Canada. He is the Principal Investigator for the International Healthcare Ethics Research Team at the University of Regina, the Foreign Director of the International Bioethics Research Institute of Shandong Province, China, the Principal Investigator and Honorary Dean of the Research Institute for Multiculturalism and Applied Philosophy at Hunan University, China, and a Fellow of the American Philosophers Association in Client Counselling and Organizational Consulting.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario and the University of Ottawa, David’s research focus is in applied philosophy in administration.

David is currently Vice-President (Research) University of Regina.


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