Mass House and Sen pass SOL reform unanimously–Gov expected to sign

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Mass House and Sen pass SOL reform unanimously–Gov expected to sign

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The MA bill  is innovative and great for survivors of incest and any survivor up to age 53 intent on suing their perpetrator.

Once the Governor signs the bill, every survivor of sexual abuse in the state of Massachusetts will be able to file a civil lawsuit, whether or

not their SOL already expired, up to age 53.  It is a retroactive extension to age 53.

It is not as good for clergy sex abuse victims.  Why?  Because it was brokered with the Catholic bishops, who gave in some, but once again threw

their own victims under the bus.

Survivors will also be able to sue institutions responsible for their abuse, but only up to discovery plus 7 years.  This is also retroactive and also a significant

extension.   It is still not as good as the provision for suits against perpetrators.

Cardinal O’Malley and the bishops of Massachusetts at least ceased blocking SOL reform for all victims, as they had in the past.


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  3. Thomas Says:

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