MUST READ…Vintage Vatican: Pope’s abuse prosecutor warns hell for culprits

From the AP and Google-hosted News, 5.29.2010.


Brought to my attention by my New York pal Tim Walsh.

Thanks, Tim.

This is Vintage Vatican. Send one of the pope’s men out to tell the media, after a 2-hour prayer service for seminarians, that priests who rape kids will land in hell–as if common sense  doesn’t tell you that already.

Yes, this is Vintage Vatican: preach to the choir of seminarians and try to make them believe the church they will serve is doing everything it can to bring this scourge to an end. I’m willing to bet that Monsignor Scicluna didn’t mention Cardinal Bernard Law, the disgraced Archbishop emeritus of Boston, member of the Roman Curia, archpriest of the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, and titular Cardinal Priest of Santa Susanna, the American Catholic church in Rome.

Yes, this is Vintage Vatican: throw the priest perpetrators under the bus, which is where they deserve to be thrown–after forgiving them for their sins, of course. But don’t say a word about the bishops, the clerical culture, and popes who enabled and shielded–and who are still enabling and shielding–these sick sociopaths from prosecution by civil authorities and thus affording them the opportunity to rape again. The Vatican’s deeds, not words, demonstrate that child abuse victims—past, present, and future—are mere collateral damage to the Vatican in the war for the hearts, minds, Euros, and dollars of Catholics worldwide.

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Vatican abuse prosecutor warns hell for culprits

(AP) – 6 hours ago

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican prosecutor of clerical sex abuse warned perpetrators on Saturday that they would suffer damnation in hell that would be worse than the death penalty.

The Rev. Charles Scicluna, a Maltese priest who is a top official at the Vatican’s morality office, led a special “make amends” prayer service in St. Peter’s Basilica. The service grew out of a desire by some seminarians in Rome for a day of prayers for the victims of clergy abuse and for the healing of the church’s wounds from the scandal over its concealment of abuse.

“It would be really better” for priests who sexually abuse minors that their crimes “cause them death” because for them, “damnation will be more terrible” in hell, Il Sole 24 Ore online news reported.

The Vatican said it didn’t immediately have the text of the meditation Scicluna delivered for the two-hour prayer service attended by seminarians and other students of religion.

Scicluna has been leading the Vatican’s drive to rid the church of pedophile priests. Many victims’ groups say the Vatican must admit responsibility for a decades-old culture of secrecy and systematic cover-ups.

Participants at the ceremony asked for prayers “for the victims of abuses perpetrated by men and women of the Church, so that they can heal their wounds and experience true peace,” ANSA reported. Prayers were also offered for clerics and other religious who committed abuses “so that, in the light of day, they can honestly face up to the consequences of their guilt and embrace the needs of justice,” it said.

Scicluna, who could not immediately be reached for comment, began with a meditation from St. Mark’s Gospel saying those who harm children would be better off tying a millstone to their neck and throwing themselves into the sea.

Earlier in the week, the Catholic news agency Zenit reported that several seminary students, including from Britain and the United States, decided to have the prayer service in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s harsh letter to Irish bishops in March.

In that letter, Benedict chastised bishops in that predominantly Catholic nation for making grave errors of judgment about the abuse. But he didn’t blame Vatican policies that kept the abuse secret for making the situation worse and he issued no punishment for the bishops.

Any scandal in the Italian church is particularly delicate for the Vatican. On Friday, the head of the Italian bishops conference, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco told his churchmen that it was “possible” that sex abuse by clergy might have also been covered up in Italy, and said bishops should follow the Vatican’s guidelines in dealing with abuse allegations.

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  1. Deanna Leonti Says:

    d( ‘+’ )b……..?what?

    “a top official at the Vatican’s morality office, led a special “make amends”.
    I didn’t know they had an officer in charge of a “Morality” office?

    What in “tarnation” do they need a morality office for?,
    and what have they been teaching so far on morality?.

    “Go ahead Enlighten me”


  2. Elizabeth Sarfaty Says:

    FRANK, as one reader responded immediately in some other place where I saw this article Sat. – the
    more enlightened focus is – needs to be – set upon the USCCB – where are the responsible care takers – these poor priest and other offenders are also victims of their own past, or seminary training, or lack of personal growth from the diocese, or the low level of awareness on the part of a growing, changing Church, culture, global enhancement. As important,in this vein, is today’s article by James Carroll in the Boston Globe – which I can’t locate right now. Things are moving – if far too slowly for most of us;reminds me of that little poem by Leonard Feeney, S.J. : THE SNAIL
    The snail does the holy
    Will of God slowly.
    Cheers! Thanks for all your good work – even late on a Sat. night!! Love/peace, Elizabeth/ny

  3. Vinnie Says:

    Anyone wanting clarification of the damnation abusive priests and their enablers have in store should go to the top of the page and enter “The Tenth Circle” in the search window [at the top of the webpage]. This story, published on this website outlines their fate.

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