Why I Left the Catholic Church

The man who wrote this statement lives in Tucson and is a great guy. Lorraine and I are fortunate to have him as a friend. I’m happy to publish this for him.

Frank Douglas | Tucson, AZ | February 27, 2011

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Why I Left the Catholic Church

I grew up in a Catholic family. I went to a Catholic school. I married a Catholic girl in the Catholic Church. I sent my son to Catholic schools. I attended mass regularly.

I was a member of the local diocese Catholic Social Service Board of Directors for four years and then served as President for two more years. I worked on the building Fund Committee of two churches; I also contributed to the building fund of a local seminary no longer in use. Then at 80 plus years, I stopped going to church. My decision to leave the Catholic Church wasn’t made overnight. The change in me gradually began to enter my mind as I slowly was losing respect for the church leaders that I had been taught all my life to trust.

Priests raping, sodomizing and molesting God’s children. Bishops secretly moving these sexual abusers from parish to parish without making it known to anyone, thereby placing more unsuspecting children in harms way. These actions by the bishops had to be made with the knowledge that other children would be molested, yet their choice was made to protect the abusers and the reputation of the Catholic church. Unforgivable. There is no possible justification for bishops to even have considered such a criminal action.

Rape, sodomy and molestation of children are crimes punishable by law. Anyone complicit in the protection of a sexual abuser is also committing a crime punishable by law.

More than fifty percent of the bishops in the United States were involved in the movement of pedophiles. Bishops were involved in making large financial settlements in order to keep known sexual abusers from being prosecuted. Then, they removed these priests from the ministry but allowed them to enter the general population without having to register as sex offenders. Again, knowing full well that these pedophiles could possibly molest other children. Unforgivable.

It also was learned that a large number of these sex abusers were secretly placed in other jobs within the Catholic organization. All this has been made public knowledge. Priests sexually abusing children, bishops moving them from parish to parish, billions of dollars of church funds used to make large financial settlements including the payment of high-priced law firms advising the bishops.

Almost ten years has gone by since the sex scandal within the Catholic Church received national attention. No bishop has been removed or reprimanded by the pope. The sex scandal has surfaced in a number of other countries. Still the pope has not held anyone accountable.

Not only have none of the hierarchy been held accountable for their actions but they are still in complete control of everything Catholic.

These criminals continue to run every parish and every diocese in this country as though they believe all is forgiven. They continue to apologize for the harm that has been done to the Catholic Church without any indication what-so-ever as to having been the persons responsible. Without ever admitting that their actions have been criminal. Sins maybe but nothing criminal.

There is also another problem within the Catholic Church that the bishops have failed to resolve. Millions of dollars are being stolen from Sunday collections and the procedures they installed in most parishes were not made mandatory.

I am not the only Catholic leaving the Catholic Church. Millions have left. More will continue to leave if and when it dawns on parishioners that by remaining they are condoning failed leadership and leadership that is never going to be held accountable.

The only other possibility for change is if the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is taken to the highest court in the land and charged for their crimes. At the present time, it appears that the USCCB is above the law.

Tomasso Tucson

Advocate for Bishops Accountability


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  1. ERW Says:

    TomassoTucson, The present hierarchy and clergy of the Roman Catholic Church are (most of them for sure) are fake, corrupt. They do not care if millions are leaving, as long as they have all the property and all other assets. And the Catholic Church is filthy rich in property. Remember the good Shepard of the gospel going after one lost sheep? These guys are glad when we are leaving, and stop bothering them about their misconduct. The don’t bother to go after the millions who have left the church, have they?

    Well, it is better to stay and rattle the cage. In this day and age, we do not have to be silenced. It is better to stay and call them out. It takes time and energy to fight for what is right. But fight we have to. We have to rally all good Catholics, go to court and take away their control over all the material. You can be sure, when they cannot get their dirty fingers anymore on any assets, we will get an entirely different clergy to fill the ranks. As it is now, any decent seminarian, who does not play the games of the bordello crowd in the seminary, is either dismissed or driven out. Well, if the incentive of material control is removed from the priesthood, the freaks will stay away. Tomasso, this is simple math. You might not want to go back, but please, use all you connections to fight these “harlots” of the devil.

  2. ERW Says:

    You know, Tomasso, We should start organizing every parish. We should stand in front of every parish, and collect signatures every Sunday. We need millions of Catholic signatures for the courts, and legislatures, to change the game for criminals. Organizing we have to do. Anybody out there who is getting the ball rolling? What about the American Council, could they come up with a game plan and organize this. I would gladly collect signatures for one year every Sunday I am able to stand on my feet, at age 75. Who else will sign up?

  3. Thomas Says:

    There is nothing wrong with saying no to abusers…they need to know that we have their number and since honest to goodness change does not come from hierarchy…it will come from inside of and outside of the church. Whoever defends the purity of children…defends their own future and that of the world.

  4. Deanna Leonti Says:

    I still don’t know which “church” ERW is still trying to save?..
    Will new leaders save “the church?”.
    Will the Theology, Dogmas, Doctrines & Philosophy change too?.
    Will religion be around the next 2,000 yrs ..do we really need religion to sustain our existence?
    RC says in theory their religion gives life, a new birth…all that has been seen from the RCC Inc.in the last 2k+ is death…due to their “Roman The Robotic Catholic Androids Mentality!”.

  5. Deanna Leonti Says:

    Can anyone give some reasons why they think it’s imperative to save what they think is the church?
    Seems to me….everyone has a different opinion of what the “church” is..

  6. Deanna Leonti Says:

    On the other hand wouldn’t this God do all of the saving?..why does she/he need us to do his/her work for him….when the snap of fingers and SHAZAM!..a big blast of existence….w/o anyone really knowing Gods true intentions…

  7. Thomas Says:

    The Church is already saved…it is inside of you! Some will wait in great darkness on the Light but if you are waiting on salvation…forget it…it is already taken care of. What you get is joy…overwhelming joy—you will dance in the Light! :-)

  8. Lorraine Ferrick Says:

    I recommend the book PILGRIMAGE FROM ROME written by a former Priest…. it covers more
    than the sex crimes in the Catholic church but the false dogma…(contrary to the bible).
    The Priest’s name is: Bartholomew F. Brewer with Alfred W. Furrell

    I am reading it for the second time and have learned so much and it is a caution to
    any church that strays from the TRUTH.

    It is fruitless and a waste of time and effort to try and reform the Catholic church…Find
    a church that follows the Bible and follows the truth therein…..no church is perfect but
    we do have a choice. So don’t feel guilty to change your denomination….come to
    know the Lord and not worship a “church”…

  9. Lorraine Ferrick Says:

    If what I stated had some things said before….it bares repeating!!

    PILGRIMAGE FROM ROME by Bartholomew F. Brewer w/ Alfred W. Furrell

    I know Dom and he is a wonderful man…he and his wife are wonderful people
    and it is sad that they have to suffer from all these known problems in the Catholic church.
    I pray they find a truthful church to worship our Lord…….God knows their heart….need
    not feel guilty to change.

  10. Deanna Leonti Says:

    Thomas….prior to dancing in the light, what did u get?..
    Was there ever any Joy that u can remember?…how does one exist w/o it?.
    Given what u now know…u would still stay..?
    would u give up? all that u learned & experience as apart of real truth ( u know sacrifice )
    just to have a false sense of joy?. all because you have been conditioned/groomed since birth to believe that is the way?…is it?…
    For me It’s was time to risk it!…I’ll take my chances..,there is no guarentees in life…there never was!..hoping wishing & praying for the non existence to exists…is weird ain’t it?.

  11. Deanna Leonti Says:

    oh..a little pill or alcohol here & there gives one joy…pot gives one a euphoric state…is it right?.to continue the use?..for the joy?..I mean..

  12. Patrick O’Malley Says:

    Very, very well written article.

    I have accepted that there is nothing we can do to bring them to justice other than to

    – keep children away from priests
    – stop contributing to the Catholic Church
    – keep writing, talking and blogging

  13. Thomas Says:

    Dialogue is better than most drugs. Also, there is nothing wrong with religions…the wrong is with the keepers of religions. Religions don’t start wars or Inquisitions…IDIOTS do!!!

  14. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    i love insulin…HOORAY! before i stick myself i say, HI INSULIN!

  15. reXteryalizer Says:

    Just 70 years ago ROME & Catholic Italy had just attacked & launched a massive, hellish WAR on its neighbors.

    Butchering & murdering Millions & MILLIONS of innocent peacefull people…JUST for not JOINING up with HITLER ~

    for NO REASON…… MURDERING Thousands of Africans, Egyptians , Greece & others …

    ROME & Catholic Italy had JUST Joined up with Hitler,
    IT took 22,000

    { twenty two thousand}…..]

    US American tooops DYING, IN ITALY, for
    the USA to defeat Catholic Italy….

    ~~~~~~~~~Millions of Catholics IN Germany & Italy….. murdered Millions of OTHER CATHOLICS & Non Catholics round the planet..

    Simply for not joining up with The Catholic Hitler..

    This was just 70 yrs ago…..

    we can understand why and how catholics are feeling lonley or different from other religions.

    Muslims are going throught the same eXact thing today..

    As were we are at war with islamic terrorists ,,,,

    We were at war with Catholic terrorists and nazis

    in WW ll.

    We can only pray for catholics and muslims …

    We must never { as bible believers } resort to their traditions of force conversions and violent attacks upon NON catholislamics.

    Prayer and love is all we can do for them…

  16. Deanna Leonti Says:

    Yes….and for some unknown reason, some of the keepers of the religions are always religious fanatics/idiots! Fascists!

  17. tomassotucson Says:

    To ERW: I’m afraid that what you suggest would take far too long to get any results.

    I have proposed to SNAP,VOTF and others, that what we need is an organization with a large membersip to get involved. Thousands of letters to the Justice Department requesting rhart they investigat the USCCB’s Organization for the crimes they have been involved with. But none of them seem to believe that it will do any good, so they keep fighting fires.

  18. Lorraine Ferrick Says:

    As long as Catholics believe the Catholic church is the only true church, there will be no change – the truth is not found in the Catholic church…… Jesus said: “I am the way, the TRUTH and the light.” The Catholic church chooses to follow the darkness… It is a waste of time to try and change/reform the church. It is known that the Bishops who rape little boys will continue as long as they are protected by denial,- covered up, and lie from the top on down…including the Pope. Besides to try and reform the church is
    a waste of time and effort….the people are conditioned from womb to tomb. But do not
    stay “lost” in darkness….there is light at the end of the tunnel as Christ died for everyone –
    seek another denomination that teaches biblical truth …and do not feel “guilty”….

  19. Steve Martin Says:

    There are only two churches.

    The one with people sitting in the pews…and the one that Jesus knows.

    These two are mixed. “The wheat and the tares grow together”, Jesus said.

    I happen to have found (or the Lord led me) to a church that preaches love, forgiveness, and freedom.

    Catholics are Christians, but the gospel there is covered up by so much crud that it is often hard to find.


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