20 facts about the Roman Catholic Church that most Catholics don’t know

20 facts about the Roman Catholic Church that most Catholics don’t know

There is no implied order or priority in this list.

  1. The culture of celibacy provides an effective hiding place for many sexually dysfunctional men.
  2. Church leaders hate democracy; they don’t believe in freedom, equality, or free speech.
  3. Unlike the Mafia, Church leaders (bishops, pope) don’t protect women and children.
  4. Bishops swear complete loyalty to the pope; they are in effect kept men.
  5. Money buys influence in the Church, just like everywhere else.
  6. The pope is the absolute monarch. Nothing of import happens without his approval.
  7. All sex outside of marriage is mortally sinful (provided the conditions for a sin to be mortal are present). There is no parvity of matter in sexual sin, that is, there is no gradation of severity when it comes to sexual, mortal sins. (Don’t try to look up “parvity” in the dictionary because it isn’t there; to find out what the word means call up your local theologian). For example, masturbation and child rape are equally sinful in the eyes of the men who run the Church. All sexual sin will land you in hell unless a priest absolves you through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
  8. The bottom line in the Church is power, control, and money, just like it is in all worldly institutions.
  9. The Church is in reality an insurance company selling insurance against being damned to hell. The premiums are deposited in the collection plate every Sunday.

10.  Celibacy and chastity are two entirely different things.

11.  The glue that holds the whole dysfunctional Catholic family together is fear.

12.  Jimmy Breslin had it right years ago: the Roman Catholic Church is the church that forgot Christ. Or, as Jimmy might say, forgetabouthim.

13.  Countless priests who have abused children are still in ministry notwithstanding bishops’ claims to the contrary (bishops and the pope lie a lot).

14.  One out of every three baptized Catholics in America has left the Church.

15.  There are many good men in the priesthood, but the number of good bishops is microscopically small.

16.  The Catholic Church is rich beyond imagination. Just how rich the Church is is a matter of speculation because the Church is very, very secretive about its real estate and financial assets.

17.  The majority of priests have a homosexual orientation; the scope of gay sex participated in by priests and bishops is staggering.

18.  The Church hires the very best lawyers and PR firms and pays them very high fees to fight victims of sexual abuse by clerics and to lobby against changes in statutes of limitations in state legislatures.

19.  The vast majority of regular Mass-going Catholics are like sheep; they do whatever their priests, bishops, and the pope tell them; they are not critical thinkers; they are passive like sheep or children.

20.  When it comes to gospel values (compassion, justice, love) priests and bishops, like most people, talk a good game, but their actions speak louder than their words.

Frank Douglas  | On Vacation  | March 23, 2011

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  1. Michael Sweatt Says:

    #18 might be enhanced with “, using premiums collected from Pew Catholics under #9 above.”

  2. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    #21 There is no reason to believe any priests or nuns are celibate.

    #22 All heterosexual priests and nuns have engaged in same sex parties with fellow priests and nuns.

    #23 Most Catholic priests and nuns are whores, gay & straight.

    #24 Catholic clergy never talk about transgender priests and nuns.

    #25 Most priests and nuns have biological children.

  3. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    #22 This means that all heterosexual priests and nuns have engaged in sex with other clergy of the same sex. yup…I’ve seen straight priests having sex with gay priests. As for who was on top and who was on the bottom…I was too polite to ask.

  4. Gabe Says:

    How sadly cynical and yet, true, most of these points are. To me, the most dangerous one is #19. I think this has been proven by the fact that almost no ordinary Catholic stands up against sexual molestation by a priest or sister, and the cover-up by bishops, cardinals and popes unless they actually have someone in their family who has been molested. If more Catholics would refuse to donate money to the church until something was actually done beyond numerous empty apologies, things would change quickly.

  5. v morton Says:

    In all do respect I usually agree with most everything you post
    however with your 20 points about the RCC I believe you have overstepped

    Yes there is much room for reform but to place all priest and religious under a single umbrella is not only wrong but I believe also sinful.

    Frank Lostaunau’s statements, I would take as total lies unless he himself as a witness partook of the sexual experience he witnessed…very strange…

    We all know that there is cover up from the past as well as in the present but we need to seek reform with truth not more lies

    thank you for the opportunity to express my feelings

  6. honesty Says:

    i like this (seeing the truth down in print)

  7. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    not all children are passive but many can be easily manipulated by sick adults…

  8. anon Says:

    Excellent post. The Roman Catholic Church, contrary to the brainwashing done on the masses of people, was founded between the years 300 and 400 by Emperors Constantine and Theodosius, who saw that the days of the Empire were limited. The position of Pontifex Maximus and the College of Cardinals both were around as part of the bureaucracy of the Empire for over 1,000 years Before the Common Era. The bones of Peter never were in St. Peter’s Basilica, this has been proved in recent years. They simply adopted the catamites (boy sex slaves) right into the practice of the Church, as part of its secret ritual practices. For centuries, the Popes used “queening chairs”, which look like a toilet with an opening for boys to sit beneath and perform services. The catamites of today are simply the unsuspecting children of the sheep that attend mass regularly and pay all the bills of the PR firms and lawyers, and for all the aged Sherry and catered meals. The whole thing is a hoax.

  9. Thomas Says:

    I once told him to get a life…but I’d hate to have to tell you the profanity he blurted out to me! Then I decided that it is all personal methods of expression…where profane meets profound. Can I prove any of it? Of course not…we wear capes in St. Louis! :-)

  10. Thomas Says:

    These facts and others just show that the Church needs a massive make-over. The old term and the new one that is traditional…and we all love tradition…is…REFORMATION!

  11. anon Says:

    You can look up the Queening chair on the web. As for the Papal usage of these chairs, it is an undisputed fact that they still exist, although the author on this wikipedia article clearly attempts to diminish and disguise their usage, claiming that no one knows what these odd looking chairs were for: “traditions stated that popes throughout the medieval period were required to undergo a procedure wherein they sat on a special chair with a hole in the seat. A cardinal would have the task of putting his hand up the hole to check whether the pope had testicles, or doing a visual examination. This procedure is not taken seriously by most historians, and there is no documented instance. It is probably a scurrilous legend based on the existence of two ancient stone chairs with holes in the seats that probably dated from Roman times and may have been used because of their ancient imperial origins. Their original purpose is obscure.” They still have the actual chairs, and they are for sexual purposes, as much as they wish to cover this up. They will never stop lying.

  12. Thomas Says:

    They were commode chairs from the Roman baths. The popes sat upon them so that they might be inspected to verify their gender identity as male and not female. The story goes that Pope Joan, a female was elected to the papacy as a former pope John…of course Rome denies this and things changed after that incident. If in this day and age…we catch hierarchy in lies…can’t we assume that in the past too…they have lied?

  13. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Maybe their were barber chairs. Most popes have been way hairy “down there” so they sit on their thrones while a barber give him a trim and even went so far as to shave his nuts. The hair was put in berry pies and shared with the papal court. That’s how some men got their whiskers.


    chili & puddy
    mini historians

  14. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    The reason that I know that my boys are telling the truth is because no signs of microscopic fecal matter have ever been found even near the hole in the seat.

  15. Thomas Says:

    Bleach is a great cleaning agent…even better than windex! :-)

  16. Thomas Says:

    If they could, I am sure that they would sensationalize a lawn chair. Heaven help us all…since Rome has been superglued to a dying cow that even Moses couldn’t break if it were made of gold!

  17. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    goldl? all that gold in Khadafi’s hidy hole will eventually end up in the good ole US of A!

  18. Thomas Says:

    Did they get that murdering jerk yet?

  19. Deanna Leonti Says:

    :)Frank…LOL!..u r 2 much….
    Casper had to have his a. glands expressed internally…,green schmook…
    Eeewwww Yukkkk…

  20. Deanna Leonti Says:

    how bout this video Frank?


  21. Gene Janowski Says:

    Q. How many heterosexual priests does it take to change a light bulb?

    A: Both of them.

  22. Deanna Leonti Says:

    It’s still a quiet reaction to Lopez…? Hmmmm….
    Why?, I still find what the RC Heirarchy, priests, nuns do behind the gilded cloak such as raping children, then lying about it, then covering up for it OFFESIVE!.
    So touché!

  23. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    Fr. James Alyward: missing in action. Please help me track down a photo of this perp for Bishop Accountability – http://bishop-accountability.org/member/psearch.jsp He really knows how to hide.

    The person who finds the pic, please post so we can all see how this creep looks.

    all best,

    chili & pudlo
    mini private investigators

  24. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    If you decide to help and find the pic, please send it to: Trish at bishop accountability. She does the posting online. thanks…frank, private investigator with assistants, chili & pudlo

  25. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    For your serious review: http://resteralecoute.blogspot.com/ Please review ENTIRE PAGE!

  26. Deanna Leonti Says:

    Is this the same perp from Cleve., Oh?
    From Our Lady of Mt.Carmel East?

  27. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    The perp that I am looking for is Fr. James Alyward. f

  28. Thomas Says:

    If he is a member of a religious order…he might be hiding in the missions. If he is not, he could be anywhere…including… to live out his days in a monastery or ghetto.

  29. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    I just want a photo of Alyward to forward to Bishop Accountability.

  30. ClevelandGirl Says:

    #9 should read protection/extortion racket, not insurance company. An insurance company doesn’t threaten to set fire to your house if you don’t buy homeowners insurance. A protection/extortion racket will. RCC Inc threatens everyone with harm in the hereafter if they don’t pay up. RCC Inc threatens harm in this life like inquisitions, burnings, genocides, and just plain social ostracism if you don’t pay up. RCC Inc also doesn’t pay up even if you pay up by denying family members catholic funerals, even after long-standing relationships with churches and priests. RCC Inc *causes* the harm that they promise to protect you from – and then some.

    Definitely a protection/extortion racket. It should be prosecuted for just that *crime*.

  31. Deanna Leonti Says:

    Ohhhh, but don’t the little innocent children & vulnerable adults have a choice to either be abused & taken advantage of or not to be abused & not taken advantage of?..

    More Guilt & Fear tactics to manipulate the modern free world!

  32. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    (13) Bishops and Popes are pathological liars. Most if not all have raped kids and vulnerable adults.

  33. Frank Lostaunau Says:

    I think that Fr. Aylward is housed at the the Salesian house in San Francisco. http://www.donboscowest.org/ I know that he is not a Salesian but Archbishop Neiderhauer has connections and perhaps favors to collect?

    The headquarters can house up to about 20+ perps.

  34. Deanna Leonti Says:

    . If u ever went to a priest to discuss any personal matters such as spiritual, physical or emotional, problems to find some good sounding advice the “Catholic Way” and they said they tried to help u with the help from God, and u were taken advantage of in your vulnerable state…
    -Than, u might be a Victim of Clergy Abuse!

  35. Thomas Says:

    Another fact that people do not realize is that the Roman Catholic Church is anti-free expression of opinion. Does it really matter if our opinions differ than those of hierarchy? What matters most is where these opinions are grounded. So…on a cold freezing day in St. Louis, I would like to know since when does a family turn it’s own son out? Especially for voicing an opinion and standing in support of justice and sufferage for the equality of women. Hierarchy fails to believe that there were 2 women who also were apostles of Jesus. Then again…they missed the mark on a lot of things. Pray that the Maryknollers will have a change of heart and at least not alienate Fr. Roy Bourgeois from their family. Hierarchy would like to see him defrocked for believing in equality of all. In America we believe this…so, does this mean that we all get defrocked? Men can become what they have entitlement to become…and so can women…and neither can tell the other what or who to develop into.

    It’s Lent. Think of God…think of His Son…forget the self and all of the pettiness that goes with it!


  36. Thomas Says:

    Only You Can SAVE (Chris Sligh)

    I saw a man today, his whole world across his back
    A living monument opposed to my success
    I tried to look into his eyes as he suffled past my car
    Sweat beading on his skin, his clothes and hair a mess
    As the light turned green and I pulled away, he slowly disappeared
    Just a memory of another chance I failed to show your love here

    I wanna love because you loved
    I wanna give because you gave
    I want to reach my hand out to the lost
    because I know your hand can save

    Sometimes I have to wonder if I really want to know
    The struggle and the pain that others feel
    Do I want to hear the stories I see echoed in their eyes
    Or is this love that I say I’m reflecting even real
    As the light turns on inside my head and I slowly disappear
    I steel myself cuz what you call for me is to show your love here

    I wanna love because you love
    I wanna give because you gave
    I want to reach my hand out to the lost
    Because I know your hand can save

    (Save) Let me be your hands
    (Only you can save) Let me be your eyes
    (Only you can save) Help me understand
    (Only you can save) That I’m your hands and feet hidden behind this frail human disguise

    I wanna love because you love
    I wanna give because you gave
    I wanna reach my hand out to the lost
    Because I know your hand will save

    Cuz only you can save
    Cuz only you can save
    Cuz only you can save

    Save what you can for God…and, say “no more ” to abuse” in all forms in our Church!

  37. Deanna Leonti Says:

    I wanna eat , my teeth cost $ $1.2k to fix
    I wanna see…my glasses cost $400.00
    I wanna breath my prescriptions cost $100.00
    I wanna walk my orthodics cost $400.00
    I wanna live…my living expenses are a bit much..
    I wanna keep my health coverage…
    I gotta work.
    my car cost over $1.0k to fix
    Sometimes I feel just to tired…and no energy to keep going!

  38. THOMAS Says:

    Become a nurse and stay out of the casinos! You’ll improve your income but it is hard work and long hours.

  39. Deanna Leonti Says:

    No, I do not want to become a nurse..
    How will I pay for school…I’m still paying off my other student loans..!

  40. Thomas Says:

    Work full-time and go to school part-time or visa versa!

  41. Deanna Leonti Says:

    Well maybe I will now that I have 3 surgeries in a 12 month periodare knocked out of the way?.
    Would anyone like to invest in my education?

  42. Deanna Leonti Says:

    Thomas I am going on 49 yrs.old this year…
    I am not Super-Woman anymore, U know?!.

  43. Thomas Says:

    Right, and I am not on the fast track to sainthood! It isn’t chronological age that matters anymore…retirees are heading back to school.

  44. Thomas Says:

    Are you trying to get my age out of me again? At my age…if one begins to lie about their age, they had better write it down so that they know what they have said and are right on target for the next age related question! Another fact about Catholicism…if God doesn’t get you the first time that He calls…He will get you the 2nd or 3rd time…but, look out—He hates to be kept waiting! So, how many times did God call you? :-)

  45. Deanna Leonti Says:

    calling me?..hmmm
    I dunno…lol

  46. Deanna Leonti Says:

    I can do simple arithmetic!.
    Can u?

  47. THOMAS Says:

    I can-do simple confession! 😉

  48. Karen Says:

    My aunt Betty was a nun. I was always terrified of her, because she was weird.
    Looked weird in her flying nun habit. She seemed not to have legs. Her dress (habit)
    hit the floor, so she always looked like she was gliding across the floor. All of us kids
    would joke about Lesbian Sister Betty. She has lesbian eyes, my brother Bob would
    say. She was creepy. At some point they let the nuns take off their stupid head gear.
    Sister Betty had what we referred to as a mixing bowl hair cut. All the nuns did.
    She spent a lot of time in the hosital. On one such visit, she insisted that I kiss her
    goodbye. I leaned over and got a gross lesbian kiss smack on the lips. I was only
    a grade school girl, but I knew she was a pervert without anyone telling me.
    Makes me want to spit even to this day. Spit that kiss out. Convent life is so abnormal.
    I don’t think normal women go into the convent. She had a wedding ring on her finger.
    I once asked her about it. She said she was married to Jesus. That’s gross, really gross.
    Even to this day I can spot a nun. They don’t wear the silly habits anymore, but you can
    recognize them by their mixing bowl haircuts, the way they carry themselves. Its the
    nun walk. When Sister Betty died, I didn’t cry. I was glad she was gone.

  49. Karen Says:

    I have to agree, that the Catholic Church is all about control.
    Having grown up in a dysfunctional Catholic family, I can tell you from experience
    Catholics have no idea what they believe. As an experiement, just ask one what they
    believe. You’ll get a blank look because they don’t know. Such a question never occurs to them. They just go to church for 45 minutes
    each Sunday, blindly go through the rituals, chants and songs. Then barge for the door once
    mass is over. Ask a Protestant what he believes and you’ll get a good answer.
    Catholics really are dumb sheep. They are Biblically illiterate. They’ve heard all the stories about Adam and Eve, Noah and so on, but they can’t have an intelligent discussion about Bible verses, because most have not even read the Bible. Some years back, I attended a craft fair at a Catholic Church, signed up to have a table. Father whoever walks into the room and all the Catholic women just swooned over him. It was like a bunch of groupies at a rock concert.
    And I thought, yeh, this is why Catholic priests get away with abusing kids. Everyone thinks their priest is Jesus Christ and can do no wrong. My mother is a stupid staunch Catholic, can’t reason with the dim wit. She was however quite offended many years back when the church she was dragging us to every Sunday demanded to know how much money each family made, so that they could tell you what you were supposed to fork over. I’ve heard other Catholics from other churches complain about the same thing. I don’t know what the punishment is, for not “giving” enough to the church. Your first born son as a sex slave, I guess. Maybe they won’t let you get buried in their church. One gal I knew, her mother in law died. Since she was not a regular church goer, her coffin was not allowed up near the alter, it had to stay at the back of the church.
    Catholics don’t understand what is wrong with the idea of Pergatory, since they are Bibilically illiterate. If you tell them that Pergatory doesn’t exist, they don’t want to hear it. If you ask them,
    well, if Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and if Pergatory supposedly exists, then Jesus must have died for nothing. If you are depending on someone doing a bunch of vain repetitions, Hail Marys and Our Fathers and lighting tons of candles to get you out of Pergatory, then Jesus’s death on the cross means nothing. Neither then, does his resurrection. I guess they’d rather try to buy their way out of the non existant Pergatory than rely on the Son of God for forgiveness of sin. Tell them all of that, and they’ve entered zombieland. Their brains can’t handle questioning the church. It never occurs to them that the priests are sinful people.

  50. Karen Says:

    In the 1980’s, a gay guy I knew told us girls in the office how he had gone to some swimming pool, it was a bunch of naked men in the pool and a lot of them were Catholic priests. He was quite shocked. It was clear this was a bunch of gay men and here this gay man was shocked to find
    Catholic priests in attendance. In the 1990’s my husband and I went deer hunting out west. One of the hunters was a particularly discussing individual. Obese, couldn’t hardly walk across a field to shoot a deer. He cussed like a sailer and drank like one. While everyone in camp spent the nights socializing with other hunters, swapping their adventures of the day, this fat drunk went into town to the dive bars, didn’t return till the next morning. I was shocked to learn he was a Catholic priest.
    So you see anyone can put on their church face for an hour or two on Sunday morning, then go home, cuss up a storm and molest little boys.

  51. Karen S Says:

    RCC is all about power and money and has been since its conception. Control over people and lands and money it can bring to the Church. It’s big business on the souls of others. Teaches guilt and fear and feeds on it. Only exists and gets stronger because members continue to bow down to their false god, the Pope.

  52. Jeanne Says:

    Karen, you are correct. The RC church is the in fear business. Fear guarantees control of the people. Bottom line.

    I will never call a male religious “Father” or “Brother.” Ever. And, I was raised RC. As well, I will never “respect” someone for their wearing of religious garb. Ever.

    Been there. Done that.

    Won’t ever do it again.

  53. Shelly Says:

    Why would anyone print lies about the Catholic Church? It saves the US tax payers millions of dollars every year feeding poor, educating 2.6 million every year that would cost the US tax payer 18 million.
    This is the organization you want to lie about. Do your homework!
    I believe your agenda is much more sinister.

  54. Spencer Says:

    The Catholic Church has all the trappings that Jesus warned us against! For Salvation we need no one but Him. He resides in us and with us. No church or rituals necessary!

  55. hello Says:

    I agree with you totaly.

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  58. Kishi Says:

    you fool dont say the facts that you do not know. Do not insult the catholic church. It is the only strong church in the whole world. That is the meaning of univiersal

  59. Alex Says:

    FACT: there is more sexual abuse in public schools and recreational sports than there is in the Catholic Church. 1.8% of priests since 1950 have shown pedophilic tendencies. 5-6% of the general population since 1950 have shown pedophilic tendencies. The only reason the Church gets thrown under the bus is because it is THE ONLY thing left that stands for absolute truth. We’re the only ones left at that. And anyways, why bash the Church? Do you think that God likes that? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want any religion to be persecuted. The fact that everyone here is making fun of the churn makes me think that you’re all atheists. Because if you’re Christian do you think God wants you to persecute other christians? By the way I can trace my church all the way back to Peter guys……. Hint hint

  60. Walker Says:

    While I agree with your criticisms and have no shortage of problems with the Catholic Church, you shouldn’t portray conjecture as fact. You absolutely have a grounded case with these points but calling them facts is plain wrong. “Church leaders hate democracy” is a judgment, not a fact. “The future Pope Benedict XVI refused to defrock a priest who molested as many as 200 boys at a school for the deaf” is a concrete, verifiable fact. Anyone with a computer can search for that headline and find the New York Times source article. If you’re not providing corroborating evidence to lend credibility to what you’re saying, then you’re making just as flawed an argument, only from another perspective. The Vatican says they think child-rape is a terrible thing, but it’s so offensive to hear that when time and time again the evidence and data has shown that their main concern is consistently protecting the church, and not children. Your intentions are in the right place, just remember that you have a lot of concrete evidence supporting your claims, and you should always do your best to find them. It makes you harder to dismiss and will gather sympathetic Catholics to your cause instead of scaring them away with broad, unfair generalizations.

  61. Frank Douglas Says:


    Is my assertion conjecture or fact?

    Didn’t Leo XIII condemn the heresy of Americanism?

    Walker I suggest you look at:


    Is this still Catholic Church teaching? I think so.

    Frank Douglas
    Publisher, VFTD

  62. CMurphy Says:

    The Catholic Church is all about LOVE. Regardless of what you say about it or Jesus, he still loves you Frank. And I am praying for you, and for any of you who have been hurt by the Catholic Church. Some days I wonder what the point of coming to earth would be, if we were already in heaven? Why couldn’t we skip it and just stay with Him and the Blessed Mother up there…then it hits me…its about FAITH…and sharing it with others who don’t have any, so we can ALL live in heaven some day. All the struggles here on earth we go through just purify our faith and make it stronger!! Its not a “why me?” question…its a “thank you, Jesus, for giving me a small glimpse of what it was like to walk with you in your passion!” statement!… And like the Blessed Mother, I will NOT crumple to the floor beating my chest crying “Why Me?”…..like her, during the saddest part of her life, I will stand next to My Jesus and keep my eyes focused on HIS. And you keep your eyes focused by learning from the Church.

    Praying for you, Frank.
    God bless.

  63. G.Bender Says:

    The Roman Catholic Church is an institution made up of MEN – (and women) – and with that comes all human weaknesses, corruption, cruelty and wickedness that only humans are capable of. You can say what you want CMurphy, but that wickedness – coupled with horrid greed – is what’s prompted revolutions: poor people, fed up, and Jesus loved the poor, made to suffer and watch them amass wealth… usually by simply tealing it. When Jacques de Molay, leader of the Templars, screamed out his now famous “Curse of the Templars” in 1314 as he burned at the stake (which was that the Pope and then King of France would join him before that year was out – and they did!), think about it: God Himself must have been listening to his anguished cry to grant this wish. That says it all. All the horror, massacres, just because the Church wanted the Templars’ wealth. (They too were amassing wealth interestingly, like all cults: In France, which is a Catholic country, the French refer to the Catholic Church as “le culte catholique” – the Catholic cult. Look it up.) Yes, it’s a cult. And cults are dangerous.

  64. G.Bender Says:

    Karen – A gay friend had a similar shock in a small town in Italy where he was studying opera and was was invited to lunch by the parish priest. Coming from a RC background himself, he was flattered as the older man, in priestly robes, seemed to want to help an Italian American visiting Italy. Imagine his surprise when over lunch, the priest offered him the equivalent of $1000 if my friend would do him a small “service” – Not to mention he had no problem using money taken from the collection basket, money donated by trusting parishioners.

  65. beny the V th Says:

    you only need to look at the pope gold and estate and you will get an idea about what the curch is all about, power, control, money, influence.
    no need to go into they’re stand on women rights, sexual orientation(what;s the name of the last women that was a pope? or at least a cardinal/bishop/priest? right can’t remember right now…)
    they tell us how to be, but they don’t work a day in they re live and they have all they need, a big palace/priest, cars, phones, money, no worries about not finding a job(if there is no curch for new priest they build a new one), no worry about economy crisis, credit, or other things we “mortals” concern with.

    but BS the people that the curch is innocent, and humble(both in living and assets owned) and they do charity(right enough to keep the public opinion to stfu, nothing compared to what they own/earn a year.)

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